How to tell if you have a chance with someone?

So I met this guy this weekend. I think I am starting to form a crush on him, but I don't know if it's mutual. I would probably date him, like we hit it off to a point where we are getting to know one another and click in a lot of ways.

He added his number in my phone and looks at me from afar a lot. We hung out alone quite a bit and I think we both had fun for the most part, he'd always like brush past me and make physical contact while doing so.

He obviously doesn't not like me or he wouldn't have been willing to hang out (we were with other friends too) or talk to me spontaneously.

One problem is that he is hit on by a lot of girls for his good looks, but I honestly don't get the impression that he really is into them because his personality is more reserved and they don't appear to appreciate him for him. Similarly, he is a freshman and I am a senior in high school, which may be a deal breaker for some, but I look/act younger than I am and he looks/acts older than he is.

What are other signs that we may have potential together?


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  • With him seeming older and you seeming younger, he might just enjoy your company because you are at the same intellectual level. With what you said about the other girls, he strikes me as the brooding type, at the could mean he has no interest in dating. He might still be trying to find out who he is before trying to add a woman to his life, or he may find girls his age too immature. This is actually a really good thing, it means he's playing it smart and prefers to do his research before jumping into something that could be unhealthy. Or maybe he's shy. TALK TO HIM! lol Ask him out to something casual like coffee or a movie. Not knowing is worse than being rejected IMO.

  • your chemistry with each other, and his body language

    -love Sosa

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