What was she all about?

At a place I used to work at,i met all the workers and talked too all besides one..seemed kind of awkward with her for no reason and it seemed that's how she felt..she would always walk by smiling and nothing more,i eventually started saying hi since she never would,no clue why she didn't she did to everyone else..Then I noticed she would always acknowledge me and always look at me,but super nervous when we were close,or if I went up with someone she wouldn't look at me,or sitting in the same room she wouldn't look my direction,we talked sometimes but not much she would get nervous or I would..she was 6-7years older,i tried asking her out and getting number,ended up getting rejected since she wanted my number instead,but what could her interest of been?


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  • I think she's the shy type who doesn't want to take risk and incur the consequences.

    It's definite that she likes you however she might still have problems around guys. Her ex-boyfriend might have treated her badly and doesn't want to go to same experience again or she were raised up with all girls around her, and doesn't know how to communicate with people/guys properly. There are so many factors, however it's clear that she likes you.