If I want to attract a man...

This is kind of a weird question but here goes. If you believe in pheromones do you think that if I put my p**** juice all over myself that would attract men. I mean just a dab of it on the neck and wrists.


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  • One thing is sure: commercial pheromones are for suckers but using them can give that little bit more boost to your confidence which will help, but anything you really believe in will do that:

    I know women who wear their most exclusive underwear for a job interview: none sees it of course, but it gives them more confidence, so they rate better. Voodoo uses the same tricks.

    If you BELIEVE your femine juices will do the trick, you'll score better. If you believe in Chanel N° 5 that will do the same wonder.


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  • If you wanna attract a guy I don't think dabbing yourself with your love juices is the right way lol I mean any guy would prefer to leave this for a certain occasion in the bedroom department :)

    Best way is to look your best, smile a lot, show him attention, if you gonna put anything a nice perfume always does the trick!

  • Yea this uh question actually frightens me. wow. Umm..as for the natural suggestion. Uh no cause well that can get bad after awhile, so I would say Nogo for that one. I like VS Sexy2. My x used that a lot and it was good.

  • Lol only if he watched you do it.

  • I do not. It would be weird to have a guy ask what's that smell and you reply "either my perfume or p**** juices."

    What made you think of this? Are you sure that has the right pheromones?

  • Crazy question scarletrosebud333...I believe in pheremones to some extent, but whether this would work...most times I've encountered p**** juice, it didn't smell too pleasant, in fact it usually kinda put me off I gotta say, unless I'm really enjoying the sex. I wouldn't advise you to try it...


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  • That only works if your ovulating.

    Otherwise you're going to smell funky.

    I wouldn't recommend it only because men already pick up on your pheromones, they may not realize it, but they do.

    You could try a pheromone infused perfume, just sweat a little and then apply it. It may smell musky like an old man, but after a while you won't be able to smell it. I've had my best dates when wearing a pheromone infused perfume.

    Pussy juice is just...

    that's a little extreme.

    • By the way,

      they sell a very wonderfully infused blend at Victoria Secrets, it's called "Very Sexy For Her". They mix a synthetic pheromone in with some girlie scents, natural libido enhancers for the nose.

      It's like...20 bucks a bottle. Great investment though.

    • You women are evil! Now I don't know if I like girls because they are genuinely great people or because I'm instinctively predestined to drool at you! That's NOT fair!

    • Oh semi...

      we are.

      And it's all part of the mating game.

  • I had to rate this five stars for one of the most bizarre questions I have read lately.

    I love it.

  • I have actually heard that it does work. Supposedly an old wives' tale. I almost tryed it but decided to buy some scented pheromones myself. It does work! Maybe it's the placebo effect because you think its gonna work, but I have noticed more attraction from it. P*** juice shouldn't have a bad smell unless the girl has something going on down there

    • The effects only really work when your ovulating. Otherwise, you're putting bacteria and icky junk on your wrists and neck. Your "juice" as it were, is flushed out bacteria and such, ovulating, you produce a natural pheromone in that juice as well as in your sweat.