What gift do guys like to get from girls??

what are the things guys think its cute when a girl gives it to them... please help guys.


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  • A woman with your youth and drop-dead beauty is not required to purchase gifts. Seriously, a bit of stale pizza would do the trick. If you still feel compelled to purchase, then perhaps clothes would do the job. A lot of young guys have barely developed their sense of style. A partner with some taste can always come to the rescue of guys who think sportswear and hip hop outfits are the height of man-stud fashion. Besides, if you go to the effort to dress your man in a close-cut, razor-sharp look, you can always show off your 007 in public. And even if dudes act a little iffy at first, they always come around after they hear some compliments. I guess this is less a gift than an obligation.


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  • if you really want to hear the answer...then dr are two examples

    1.if we like you truely_the true gift wll be you always be by our side,be supporting in our very steps of life[specially when we are strugglersz in our own individual careerz]

    2.if we are player or bad boy types...the true gift on the first instance wll be a hot huuug and a last longing smoooch.

    lolz...m not joking

  • a think I think is cute is a little touch here or there. Contact is nice. For example just 'fixing' our hair or what not. But it is always awesome to be greeted with a hug.

    • Well if all it takes is a touch here and there then that's good for me. I'm a touchy kind of girl. I'm always playing with somebody's hair and I LOVE hugs. I'm a hug whore. XD

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    • Idk. For me, it wouldn't be weird. I'd enjoy it. And if you're with that person you just met, and you're with other people you've known and are comfortable with hugging, and you hugged them all but that new person...well I'd feel left out if I were the new person. But maybe that's just me?

    • I would agree and say it would be rather awkward being the only one who wasn' t hugged. That's happened to me a few times but I would say go for it. The worst thing that could happen would that the hug would be awkward but that is what makes our lives funny.

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