What is the stupidest most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

Ok, we've all had that moment where you find yourself in a slightly awkward, embarrassing but potentially salvageable situation and just mishandled it COMPLETELY! Fancy Sharing?!?!

For example, I went on a world challenge trip a couple of summers ago, we were in this tiny little village with all these stone houses and whilst looking for the one tiny little shop I accidentally walked into someone's home, spontaneity forgot the Spanish for "sorry" so stood stock still and staring for about a minute and a half whilst the family who were eating dinner at the time stared back looking increasingly angrier by the second, then I turned awkwardly away and walked out the door!


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  • Went in a store to try on a dress, there were no mirrors in the fitting room so I had to go all the way to the front of the store. What I didn't notice was that the dress was almost completely see through, you could see my underwear very clearly. There were only two guys around my age working there, (the rest of the store was empty) they stared the WHOLE time, it was soooooooooo embarrassing :(

    I walked out of that store like a boss( As if nothing ever happened) inside I was dying of embarrassment...


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  • A case of Diarrhea while a plane was landing.

  • Answering this question with my pants down while picking my nose :) (5 stars my friend)


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