Do looks matter?

To what extent do looks (physical) count when deciding on a boyfriend/girlfriend?

To me it's definitely not a priority as I think personality gets you through but I want to know everyone else's opinion?

Also if your closest friend said a guy wasn't hot enough for you, how would you react?


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  • If my closest friend said a guy wasn't good looking enough for me I would give her a nasty look and say, "Shoot, you're not good looking enough for me. Please, in all reality I have better things to worry about than his looks. Don't be so shallow."

    I don't pay attention to looks much. It's not crucial because I know the more I like a guy the better looking he gets. Does that make sense? My fiance is the most good looking guy in my world. Reason being is that I love him with all my heart.


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  • I have had girl and other guy friends tell me some girl isn't hot or isn't good looking enough and that I should just ignore her. I simply tell them that I am picking a girl for me and only my opinion counts. I also tell them I will keep that in mind when I pick them out a

    The sad thing is that I know girls like to have their girl friends to gawk at the guy just as much as they do...

    • The sad thing is that I know guys like to have their guy friends to gawk at the girl just as much as they do...

      LOL, well it's true!

  • Overall, it doesn't matter too much. If you two don't have compatible personalities it doesn't matter how hot you two are. lol, but to start being attracted to someone... looks matter.


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  • If I wasn't attracted to a guy I wouldn't date him. If he has a great personality but not so great looks we can just be friends. I don't care what my friends think because they aren't dating him. Actually I would prefer them to not be attracted to him, that way I don't have to worry about them flirting with him or whatever.

  • Very important because that is where the initial attraction will come from (if you don't know the person) but then as you get to know them it becomes less and less important until one day you really won't care what they look live because you love them for them. I don't really listen to anyone's opinions or negativity when it comes to a guy I like (which I probs should because I can't trust myself to make these decisions based on my history with guys) haha.

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