Preference in bikini tops?

1. What size breasts do you have?

2. What is your preferred style of bikini top? Eg triangle, halter with wide straps, bandeau, one piece.

3. Why do you prefer that style of top?

4. Do you worry about tan lines from it? Do you buy a top so that you can untie the straps?


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  • First off, let me just say how much I love the number of women on GAG who are sporting bra sizes like 32DD or 30DDD (a.k.a., perfection!). LOL! Because if there's one think I know about girls with bodies like that, it's that they spend a ton of time online! :P

    Anyway, the best top depends on how your breasts look when they're naked. If they're spectacular, there's no style better than the triangle string! You can scrunch up the botttom to show as little or as much as you like and you can tighten for a bit of support or loosen to let your boobs bounce and flow naturally as you walk. SO HOT on the right body! Plus, you can easily drop the top to get a nice even, all-over tan. Because when you have spectacular breasts, the last things you need are distracting tan lines ruining the view!


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  • im really flat :(

    topless is my preferred method

    it feels very free spirited

    no need to worry about tan lines when you let the twins breath


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  • 1. 32b

    2. Triangle

    3. It flatters my body best.

    4. Nope. I don't tan I just burn..

    This is what I have link , I love it.

  • 1. 36D or 34E

    2. I prefer a padded bikini top

    3. because I need the support

    4. they tops are easy to undo and I haven't really been that concerned about tan lines

  • I'm a 32dd and I wear a halter because they're hot and give a lot of support

    Nope I don't care about tanlines

  • 1. 34c

    2. triangle

    3. it shows off more, and less lines

    4. yes. usually don't wear anything when tanning at home, so I get rid of lines easily

  • 1. 32A

    2. I like triangle bikini's

    3. I prefer because that style fits me good... it looks good on me.

    4. No not really, I don't mind tan lines that much! :)

  • I have quadruple H cups. I don't leave the house.

  • 1. 32DD/30DDD

    2.I like athletic tops that are made more like sports bras.

    3. They're more modest and they minimize my boobs and I don't have to worry about it slipping down like bandeau would and I don't have to worry about the straps coming untied like a triangle or halter top would. When I am wearing a bathing suit I like to have fun, and be comfortable, and not worry about being exposed somehow. My breasts are only for my husband's viewing.

    4. I don't worry about tan lines. I already have them and I don't see what is so bad about them. Plus I don't have the intent of tanning so I don't buy a top so that I can untie the straps for that reason along with the reasons I mention in #3.

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