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I never really used to wear makeup as a young teen. Just recently, I started getting into watching makeup tutorials and everything, and I'm wearing it a lot more now, but I still don't know a whole lot. I'm curious, is there a product that can help eyeshadow from building up in the creases over time? I've heard of primer, but I'm not sure what that is, or if that's what it's for. I just want something that will keep my eyeshadow the way that it is when I put it on with no fallout or creases. like an art fixative spray. lol (won't be spraying that on my face though! lol)


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  • i'm a boy and I know more than you.

    Primer is essentially a base coat usually in white or neutral that keeps eyeshadow from falling out or creasing. If you take painting, it's a lot like when an artist shellacs a canvas with a white goop for a base.

    It will increase your eyeshadow by several hours to a day depending on what you buy.

    Just get Urban Decay Potion Primer in original. Get the tube not the bottle so you can squeeze out the last of the tube when its running out.

    Don't use fixer sprays on your face btw.

    • Haha! You do know a lot! You even knew what the best option out there was. I'm impressed.

    • holy cow... how do you know this?

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  • A primer. Yes. There are many different options if you're looking into getting one. A high end one that's good is Urban Decays. If you want a reasonably cheap one, there is a Nyx one. You can find that in drugstores. There is also a reasonably cheap one from Loreal too that you can find in drugstores. If you want a super super cheap one, there is an ELF one. You should be able to find that in drugstores...I see it a lot in Targets.

    Primers are good to use because prevent creasing and keep your eye shadows on for multiple amounts of hours especially if you have oily eyelids. They also seem to make the eyeshadow stand out too. You said you were trying to prevent creasing, so a primer is a good bet.

    But if you want to prevent fall out there is no way to prevent that especially if you're using super powdery, glittery, or really pigmented shadows. If you tap your brush after you swipe it in the eyeshadow before you apply it to your eye, that helps a lot. Or if as you are applying your shadow you put a tissue underneath, that has helped me in the past especially with glittery shadows. Those seem to get everywhere! Now what I do is apply my foundation/tinted moisturizer after I do my eye makeup. Then I don't have to worry about the fall out messing up my foundation (I don't know if you where it or not).

  • primer smooths out your skin and make the makeup sit better and longer. You can also apply foundation on your eyes lids to make the eye makeup stick. It sounds like you have tried some bad eye shadows in the past. Try E.L.F's eye shadows they are really good and cost like 2 bucks for 4 colors, they also have cream shadows that might be more ideal for you. If you decide to stay with the traditional powdery eye shadow then you can damp the eye shadow brush in water before you you apply the eye shadow.

  • Yeah, buy an eyeshadow primer. Urban decay has a very good one (I personally haven't used it but a lot of people say its a great primer). It will make your eye makeup last longer, so you won't have fallout or creases. :)

  • High quality eye shadows have a primer built into them and don't require multiple layers.

    Just stay away from the cheapo brands and you won't have a problem.

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