GUYS: Why do you look down sometimes when you see a girl?

I know it can be random sometimes for a guy too look down after he sees a girl. But do you look down because it is embarrassing for you to get caught staring by the girl? Do you look down because you like her and you are trying to hide it? Why?

Let me rephrase the question GUYS: Why do you look down sometimes when you see a girl?


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  • For some guys, it's a combination of both things that you mentioned.

    • O.K but what is the main reason for you looking down when you see a girl?

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    • LOL Thanks!!!

    • No prob 8-)

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  • If I look down when I see a girl it's usually because I like her and I don't want her to see me looking at her. It's irrational, I know, but that's the reason.

    • Thanks for the answer!!!

      Please also answer this question. If you fancy a girl and you don't want her to know then will you not really look at the girl (maybe just glance at her once) if she is in your presence?

    • You mean like if we're talking? Or just if she's sitting near me?

      If we're talking, I usually alternate between making eye contact with her and kind of trying to not look at her, or something.

      If she's just sitting near me, I often glance at her and then divert my eyes.

  • I don't look down, ever. I'll break eye contact, typically not immediately though, but it's mostly because locking eyes with someone for more than a couple seconds without having some reason for it can be kind of akward.

    Looking down is typically an indicator of shame or nervousness.

  • It's like an automatic response to eye contact with a girl a shy guy likes. lol, there isn't really a logical explanation.

    • What are some other main signs that a shy guy likes you?

    • Always seems to know where you are (you would need to be watchin him a lot to notice him doin the same lol)

      Acts sort of uncomfortable around you (seemingly, of course)

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