Do eyelash perms look natural?

I like to look natural. If I put mascara on, I go over it with clear mascara to make the coating as thin as possible.

I like to curl my lashes though as I have deep set eyes and curling them opens them up a bit.

I was thinking of getting an eyelash perm because curling them only lasts for about 10 minutes (I have tried heat).

Would it look natural though? I'm worried I won't like it.


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  • Yeahh they look natural, but you'll probably just want to use clear mascara only to keep the natural look.

    • Thank you very much.

      I'm going to try curling them then using hair spray after on them today lol. Just wipe it on with a finger.

      If that doesn't work then I'll go for a perm.

    • lol You're welcome(: nd I really like how the perm looks, might consider getttin one myself :p

  • I have never heard of it before