I think my boyfriend's mom is sabotaging my things?

I don't know if it's my imagination or if she really is. We all live together (my boyfriend and I make more money than his parents so we all live together. we are NOT bums who sponge off his parents. we are moving out as soon as we get an IRS problem taken care of.)

so, we have told his mother MANY times to please not touch our laundry. We like to do it ourselves. But it seems like whenever we have laundry drying, his mother takes out our wet clothes, then throws them on top of the dryer (which has dust on it, etc. it's in the garage). Last week I found all my clean washed clothes on the floor in the garage, but she wouldn't admit it was her.

I use only certain types of shampoo and conditioner due to having extremely fine hair and a very sensitive scalp. well, I didn't have much conditioner left in my bottle so I open it and shake what's left in my hand. for some reason it felt heavier than before...also, the conditioner had a yellow tint to it (it's usually white). I thought I was tripping because I didn't get much sleep last night. so, I put it in my hair and within seconds I felt a horrible burning/itching sensation on my scalp. I started to wash out the conditioner and my hair started shedding like crazy. I re washed my hair then got out and smelled my conditioner bottle. it smelled funky. I started to smell all bottles in the bathroom and I found one that had the same smell, color, texture. someone dumped out my conditioner and put some "salon conditioning additive" in its place. apparently I am allergic to it (I called the number on the bottle.)

also, every now and then I find my food in the freezer when I specifically put it in the fridge (my fridge). my boyfriend wouldn't do these things, he knows better. I think it is his mom, she is odd and just a strange person.

what should I do? should I confront her? please help...it's really been putting a strain on my relationship with my boyfriend. we plan on moving in the beginning of 2013, I'm afraid she is maybe trying to do all this to make me go away out of fear of her son moving? (they don't have enough $$ to live here without us)

sorry for all the spelling errors, I'm really worked up right now


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  • holy sh*t what a nut job! yeah I think she is doing it...my mums boyfriends kids hate me and they would do similar things to me ad stole all my hats! which they know its a big no no to touch my things...wait it out...keep a secret stash of your things somewhere until you guys move...get a safe its helped me alot...dont say anything to your boyfriend about it anymore...i hope that nutcase chills out! I'm moving in with my boyfriend in a couple weeks lol...or play dirty too f with her things..i did that too