What do you girls look for? Aimed towards high schoolers...but all answers are welcome!

I've heard it all before- every girl say she wants a guy who's smart and funny. Looks are a plus. To that, I call bullcrap. If that was true, girls would be kissing my feet. To my dismay, that is not the case.

So, what do you girls actually want from a guy? If you say looks, what should the guy look like? Personality- what kind?

As I said on the question, this is mainly for high school girls, since, being in high school, that's who I'm after. Experience is always helpful, though, so all should answer.


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  • If you're looking for a high school girl that serious about relationships and stuff, not just the school slut or whatever... they want a guy who's mature. That's the key for me at least and that we have things in common


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  • In high school I think most girls were looking for the alpha male, bad boy douchebag. Or at least that's what all the girls wanted at my school.

  • I mean from experience (high school) I tend to choose guys that have several things in common with me. things in common can range from having classes together to you both being athletic. But personally i tend to go for more athletic guys because i like having the guy that can protect me/ whatever and i tend to veer away from the guys that don't like to go outside b/c im a girl that loves to be outside constantly.
    Hope that was helpful.

  • I value intelligence and humor in a guy.

    Physically I am attracted to tall guys (6'0+) who are blond and have blue eyes. I also really like pale guys - no idea why. And being physically fit is always a plus.

    Intelligent-wise I value above average. And if he's well read, that's even better. I want a guy who I can have a stimulating conversation with about something we both care about or find interesting.


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