I keep staring at this cute guy in college, how to know if he likes me?

-Whenever I looked/stared/glanced at him he stared me back until I looked away.

-He initiated the staring a few times, but never said anything

-Tried talking to him but he diverted his eyes

-Flirts with my friends in front of me, and last time I caught him looking at me after he did.



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  • well if he hasn't talked to you before then he might want to get to know you or he's wondering why you're staring at him. Its hard to tell if he likes you but by the sound of it he doesn't. But I think you should talk to him

    • I did once, when he came and talk to my friend who was with me. He was flirting with her tho (picked her up). And I said something and he kind of diverted his gaze and turned the other way. but then the next week I find him staring at me... :S

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