What do you think is the #1 personality & physical trait that is a turn off or lack of it is a turn off

If there is one personality/character trait (of the opposite gender) that you think is the most common turn off or reason for them being refused dates, what would it be? (i.e. lack of humor, arrogance, lack of intelligence, unkind, etc.)

What about with regards to physical appearance? Try to be specific with this. (i.e. overweight, too short, bad hair, bad fashion, bad face, etc.).

Keep in mind, I'm asking you to do some thinking beyond just your own preference. Try to analyze your gender as a whole. Maybe a guy being skinny is the #1 physical turn off to you, but most likely isn't the #1 for your same gendered counterparts. Basically I'm asking you to sum up your entire gender. I realize this is technically impossible but I curious to see if anything seems to come up more often.

Also, I'm aware that I said #1 trait, but if you think there are a few that are a close tie, feel free to list them.


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  • Dissymmetry and obesity are the two least desired features, in my opinion.

    • As far as the physical, I would have to agree with obesity being the number one turn off for men.

    • If only girls would catch on to that fact, eh? :P

    • Well its because our society is to focused on political correctness. We have to tell ever fat person that they are beautiful instead of saying, "hey, your overweight and unhealthy, you need to change". That's what they do for the most part in Europe. They consider obesity offensive and disgraceful, hence the reason you rarely see fat people in Europe. It's just not culturally acceptable.

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  • Number one turn offs


    1. Lack of intelligence/no manners

    Physical appearance

    1. lack of hygiene/overweight if not too much is okay but, obese no (bc it's unhealthy)

  • yes yes yes yes yes yes


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  • Having is a turn off:

    The weight of a hippo with a gland problem.

    The style of a prostitute

    Not having:

    A mind

    It's not a deal breaker but If a girl won't sing I'm usually not to interested. (she doen's have to be good. She just needs to sing)

    I also just wouldn't be able to charm someone that was easily offended or didn't have a sense of humor. So I might not dump her because of that. But she'd probably dump me

  • 1. Having a personality that could fit onto a floppy disk

    2. Being overweight