Why Did He Stare At Me Like That?

Ok yesterday I went for a discussion with this one guy. upon my arrival, he's already there, waiting for me. when I arrived, I smiled and greet him and he smiled back and greet me (I am not late, in fact it was 15 min earlier). so I started to put my bag and coat on the chair and started to pick few stuff from it and when I looked at him, I realized that he had been staring at me with a really sharp look (he raised his left arm and put his thumb under his chin and other fingers are kind of covering his mouth; the thinking kind of gesture?) even when he noticed I looked at him, he still didn't budged and continue looking at me in that way until I was feeling so nervous and I said to him 'don't look at me like that?' (with a small laugh)... when I said that, he stopped looking at me in that way, and his face soften a bit. OK, what is going on? why is he looking at me as if I am about to be eaten or something? was he annoyed or angry or what? I am bummed every time I caught him looking at me in that way. any ideas guys?


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  • It kinda sounds like he was just admiring you and trying to figure you out. He probably finds you fascinating.

    • well I always thought if guys are admiring you they should have this soft face while checking you out, but this look kind of making me nervous. not to mention the deep stare... I kind of like it, but kind of feeling inferior like I'm hideous or something.

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    • well I am kind of into him, do you think I stand a chance? when you said he's admiring me, can it be he's also interested? he offers me a ride the other day, which I don't think he did to everyone else. he's the kind that sees anyone he knows, gave them a fast half smile and walk away fast. the kind that 'i don't want to be close to anyone'. but he drove me to our campus main gate while he himself actually used the back gate. after dropping me, I saw him reversing and going back all the way.

    • I think you stand a chance.