Stinky feet from tennis shoes?

Do you ever get stinky feet from tennis shoes?

I do, and it's really gross.

Have you ever dated someone with stinky feet?


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  • I get stinky feet from my volleyball shoes


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  • Don't worry madam but tell me do they smell in tennis shoes only or in others as well? what type of food you eat? are you anemic? don't worry millions of girls including celebrities kate hudon, britney, cindy crawford... have smelly feet.

  • yea but that's normal. but I've never met a woman who had stinky feet lol. to me women smell like flowers no matter what.

    • I know, exactly. We are suppose to SMELL like flowers all the time!. And it's really hard to do that unless I dunk myself in perfume all the time.

      I don't want to be a flipping flower! It's too much pressure!1

    • haha don't worry. I mean no one is gonna smell your feet right after you take your shoes off. no matter what you'd still be cute.

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