Why would people dislike others who are confident and happy with their look?

Confident people get hated so are insecure people.What is wrong if we are confident with our own image? Whenever I said I am happy with my own look(I never claim I am a stunner)people get annoyed and started to put me down especially guys.Is it wrong for us to appreciate who we are? I personally think it is a positive attitude that everyone should have as long as we aren't being conceit and put others down.What do you think about this?


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  • bc guys are weird. I think I'm okay looking (not stunning but average) I get compliments from friends (mostly girls) that I'm pretty, good fashion etc.

    however some guys in particular even a specific friend puts me down like every time. He's not my type so I don't care. But if they don't think you hot who the f*** cares, as long as your happy with yourself f*** them lol Attitude goes a longer way then looks anyways and if people keep putting them down ask them if it helps them feel better about themselves because that's why they do it anyways.

    • I don't understand how can putting others down make themselves feel better because they don't get anything lol.The funniest thing is some of them even comparing me with female celebs and said how 'far' I look from them.

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  • There's nothing wrong with being confident. It is fantastic to be honest. I feel confident in my looks, but also don't go around bragging about them. That's where some confident people go wrong. They feel the need to get more affirmation than they already have. There's a fine line between being confident and being an attention whore. Stop at confident without fishing for complements and male/female attention in undue fashion and you'll be fine.


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  • Jealousy...

    They don't hate you because you are beautiful and confident...

    We hate because you are all the things that we're not...

  • If they are being serious then perhaps they are taking it the wrong way and maybe you are saying it like you are bragging. If they are just kidding then they probably know you are confident and mess with you just so you won't get a big head.