Is he even interested anymore?

been basically seeing a guy called Danny for over a year now, he runs for a few weeks or months every time I want to make our relationship official. I really don't know what to do any more... he acts as though he really doesn't give a sh*t about me then when we run into each other (very rare) he can not stand me ignoring him or chatting/ laughing with his friends. a few months ago it was to the point he kissed a girl called jade (she knew about me and him) while looking at me for a reaction and he got it, they both got a wee slap (I REALLY REGRET) still everything went good again I apologized to them both, me and him were hanging out again until it got serious and we went our separate ways. right until the other night... we bumped into each other at the same place he was staring at me the whole night and of course jade spent the whole night following him, I turned to look at him while walking up the stairs and he looked back at me like he was going to burst into tears. never the less the last I seen of him was him walking away to get food with jade running along right behind to follow him back to his... WHAT TO DO


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  • What I would do is not follow him around anymore. Seems like he wants you whenever it's convenient for him. In his eyes you don't have a relationship, that's why he doesn't wanna make it official, and because he wants other girls too. He acts sometimes like he doesn't give a sh*t, he kissed with another girl, ignores you whenever he feels it's getting somewhere, ... Though every time he wants, you follow him around, apologize, ... He deserved that smack in the face, he kissed another girl while you were dating, HE should be the one saying sorry, not you.


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  • Sounds like he just wants as much of a physical relationship as possible, nothing else.

    The kiss while staring at you should be the last straw.

    It's OK to be seeing a guy without an official relationship. Me and my girlfriend were seeing each other for like 4 months before it was official and now it's almost 3 years. But if its a year of him trying to avoid a relationship than you gotta move on.

    I think you already know what to do you just need to hear it from other people first

    Just don't contact him again. Don't even get mad. Just move on


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