Was he angry with me?

Today I saw my crush at the hall, normally when we saw each other, our face will be so obvious that we're so happy to run into each other, but today, I saw him walking in the hall while I was texting, so when I raised my head and see him, I saw his face excited as usual, but because it's quite far, I looked down at my phone again without greeting him. He enter the toilet and I moved somewhere near the toilet to catch him when he will come out. When he came out, he look at me smiled a bit and said hi in a polite way and look down immediately. Was he upset with me? Normally he will say hi enthusiastically with a really big smile on his face and continue to walk proudly, but today he really seems different. I went to see him afterward, he was speaking to me like normally, but less smile than usual. Do you think he was upset with me for ignoring him the 1st time?


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  • You're basically reading too much into it. You did nothing wrong at all. You didn't ignore him on purpose, did you? If he is so sensitive like that, then he need to learn not to be so sensitive, become more flexible and stop reading too much into other people's acts. He might have thought that you were ignoring him. He maybe thought that you became uninterested in him. If he's this type of guy who is insecure, over-analyzes things, etc...then he might think of a million things.

    It's your job to make him feel comfortable and secure around him. Don't mention what happened. Act as if nothing happened and that you didn't even realize the change that happened in his attitude. Be nice to him as you always were. Treat him with care and respect. Make him feel like you are interested. Call him. Text him. Make him feel special through actions.

    As long as he feels special to you, he will have faith in love and will open his heart to you.

    Hope this helps. :)

    • well I kind of did it on purpose because I was so scared he will think I am being too much excited from seeing him (which I did!). because none of us press an okay button yet to signal each other, all this while we've both been giving a subtle hint to each other. but I checked with my male friends, he told me this guy really do behaves like he is into me, and he did say that I am probably confusing the guy as much as the guy is confusing me. I don't know how to behave with him anymore :(

    • Ugh, now I understand. He thinks you're sending him mixed signals. Hence, he couldn't open up his heart to you so as not to get hurt. What you have to do is show him that you like him. Be clear about it. Don't be afraid to open up. Don't make him feel confused. Open your heart. :)

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