Why do guys get mad and call women superficial because they care about guys' looks?

I still have yet to understand why guys get upset over this. I mean let's be honest every guy is judging girls on their looks at least a little bit and if they aren't then they probably are ugly and have given up caring because they know they will have to settle for less then desired. Why do guys get so mad though when women say they prefer better looking men and what not? Personally I would rather women think like this because I think you should be with people of equal attraction lol.


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  • They can't have her.

    They don't measure up.

    They want to continue to believe that they can just sweep a woman off her feet with their charming personality first.


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  • Because the world lives with blindfolds on. People think they have the right to anyone else, when the one biggest thing they are lacking is self-awareness. Let me elaborate.

    Men call women superficial, on the basis that:

    A - They like successful men

    B - They like good looking men

    However, while saying women are superficial, did they ever stop to look at themselves first? Chances are no, they don't realize they are being hypocritical by:

    A - Only liking girls who have a rocking body and face

    B - Often try to befriend women in order to get in their pants

    In my experience, just about 75 percent of the people I meet in my daily life suffer from wearing hypocritical blindfolds like this. It's why I don't like to talk to men or women, hypocritical stupidity is unisex.

  • because girls go around saying that looks don't matter very much and that personality and being a decent guy is way more important.

    then look at the guys they date lol. besides girls are the better looking gender anyway so why do they feel the need to even have a perfect looking guy? 95% of us aren't near as fortunate as the "it" guys in Hollywood. it's unrealistic for them to only be after those kind of guys, especially given their likelihood to cheat more.

    • you do realize just because girl think like Bradley Cooper is hot or something doesn't mean they will only get with guys that look like Bradley Cooper? lol. If you have opportunity to meet two girls and know nothing about either of them and one is ugly and one is pretty would you not pick the pretty one too? If a girl doesn't know anything about a guy then why is it wrong to gravitate towards a better looking guy?

    • that's true but when a better looking guy is a total d*ck or has various issues, and then a guy that isn't as good looking, but has a great personality and lives a clean lifestyle but the girl chooses the first guy over the second one, there's a problem there.

  • Is it really that hard to figure out?

    • I wanted to post this and see guys on here go on a rage lol.

    • That's a great idea. I think I'll repost this question later.

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