Has anybody ever been screwed over financially?

Did an insurance company not pay you the amount you are entitled? Did a construction company or contractor make repairs to your home worse than the damage was before? Did a contractor steal from you? Did an investment fall to zero? Did a credit card company give you a raise in interest rate for no legitimate reason? Did you do contract work for somebody who did not pay you? Was any work done on your home made from inferior building materials? Did an auto mechanic screw you over? Were you a victim of identity fraud?

And best of all, does anybody have any stories about women who ruined your financial security?

Tell me your story and how it started, and hopefully you can teach others here how to avoid being screwed over.


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  • I've had employers "forget" to pay me, my college constantly raising fees so they can build rec buildings we don't need, and my auto people that charge me $800 for an alternator job that, when done by a friend, cost me $300 for parts and services. Then, of course, major retail chains, which I no longer shop at. I continually buy something, and then the next freakin' week it will go down at least 20% in price. When I go back, as is usually allowed for 30 days after purchase, they don't care.

    Actually, though, the worst for me has come from consumers. My family owns two construction companies, so I've been around it all my life. My guy will inherit, as my dad only has daughters, and he gets constantly fed up when he does a job and people don't pay, or their checks bounce, or they say we never did the work. We're owed over $30,000 right now by people who got work done and never paid. Which, liens make sure they can't do anything with the house until we are paid (including insure the sucker), but it is little consolation when that money pays the bills.


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  • College screws you over pretty good. Financial aid does, anyway. I've had like three companies back out of my students loans, so I can't get enough money to cover my tuition and now my parents are taking out loans to pay the balance. I lost the state scholarships and grants I qualify for because I have academic scholarships at my school. If I hadn't kept my GPA up in high school, I would be getting more money with just those scholarships than I do now with just my academic scholarships. Such a motivator to do well in school.

    Those probably aren't the financial screw-overs you had in mind, but they still suck. Especially losing those scholarships.

    • College does suck. I'm nickel and dimed by fees that all seem to be the same with different words, and I pay for a parking sticker as well as a parking space AND then the parking meter. I'm not even going into textbooks. Thankfully, my university is getting sued right now for financial malfeasance.

    • That's ridiculous! I don't have to pay for parking at all. And I always get my books online--I save hundreds of dollars that way.

  • Yeh my bank accounts been hacked into 3 times in the last year lol. It's really annoying and makes me mad that people out there don't work because they get money stealing from people who actually work hard for a living. Everytime though it gets sorted out in the end once the bank gets their fraud squad onto it but I don't believe they ever get caught-i think it's impossible to catch those people.

    • I would cancel that account and get a new account number. I have canceled my account before, because I knew I gave it to the wrong people. I canceled it 1 day later. And I have never had money stolen.

  • dont know if this applies, but when I was in high school, I started my first job. worked there for awhile but then they went out of business. closed really fast and left still owing me like 15 hours pay, my mom talked to them and they said , 'well the cash register confused her' and we never heard from them again. didn't make sense.


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  • There are a lot of dishonest companies out there. That's not to say there aren't a lot of good ones as well.

    Here goes:

    1. I once had an employer refuse to pay me overtime even though I put in a sixty hour work week.

    2. I've had multiple issues with different banks charging odd fees or screwing up deposits and the like.

    3. I've had several credit card issuers just raise my interest rate up without any additional risk on my part. (I don't make late payments, pay more than the minimum and so forth).

    4. I've had my cable internet company try to charge for a service I never received.

    5. I've had a web hosting company try to charge me for a domain name I never renewed and they sent me to collections.

    6. I've had a medical bill I'm positive I paid, but the hospital sent me to collections anyways.

    Please keep in mind that I am normally a mild-mannered gentleman. When a company makes a mild mistake, I try to contact customer service to get them to resolve the issue. If the first rep doesn't solve the problem, I'll ask to be transfered to a manager. If they continue beating around the bush, I'll push it up the corporate ladder. If someone royally screws around with me, I'll take it straight up to the CEO if needed. If someone is really giving you that hard of a time, fight back. You need to be a "problem" customer and then they'll realize that fixing your problem is less effort than fighting you.




    Your local BBB.


    Your state's AG office.

    I've gotten to be so good at convincing companies to behave when they screw up that now all my friends and family call me to call on their behalf or write letters to fix the problems. It really isn't all that hard. Try to be nice at first, but if they starting giving you a hard time, give 'em hell.

    You WILL get results.

    • Ive been a customer for credit card companies, banks, cable and internet companies etc... But they never gave me any shit. Am I lucky, or am I doing something right?

    • It all depends upon the company. I've had some ISP's and credit card companies that have been great, others, not so much.

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