Going to a banquet...fashion advice needed!

This weekend, I am going to a semi-formal banquet with my college student organization. I'm wearing a black and teal strapless dress with black heels. I am Caucasian and pale, with long dark (almost black) brown hair and light brown eyes.

My question: what make-up and accessories would you recommend to go with this outfit? I'm not usually one to wear anything too bold, but I do want to make an impression. :)

Also, would you recommend an up-do or letting my hair down for this?


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  • I would wear a Lacquer Wing Cuff Bracelet or something like that and black chandeleir earrings. No neclace. You can get both of those at Forever21. For makeup I would do a mix of teal, black, silver and white. Put eyeliner on your lower and upper lash line and connect them. Curl your lashes and go crazy with the mascara. Also don't put on too much foundation and powder. For the hair I would do an updo. If you have a hair donut you can make a flawless bun on the top of your head and make sure to put extra hairspray and secure the bun tightly with bobby pins, you can look up some tutorials for this type of hairstyle on YouTube :)

    ****If you don't have a hair donut you can get one for 1$ at h&m :D

    • Wow, thank you for the ideas! I'll definitely see if I can make that work. :)