How to find out if she is just looking for money?

A closed elderly female friend told me that the girl(early 30s) we just met is looking for a rich guy. I don't want to judge her based on what other people's word, is there anyway I can find out if that's true? tk.


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  • Don't buy her things and see if she sticks around...

    • lol, we just met, not knowing what she likes yet even if I would get her something for Christmas.

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  • Unfortunately, these days it's hard to tell. You can only go by the few obvious ones, e.g if she always wants the more expensive items, or she begins to ask how much money you make...or she only dates guys in certain professions or makes x amount of money. But a lot of women are smart, and they know how to play the game and those who do are f***ing hustlers. Forget the street hustlers, those girls are equally as lethal, and they do it with a smile.

    • That's true. I know it's hard to tell. once they reach 30's, they are looking for something different. It would be much easier if the girl is younger.

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    • Have you met one yourself?

    • Let me revise my comment about the expensive taste, because it would be unfair for me to say just because a woman has expensive taste she is a gold digger. And yes, I have met some women who wouldn't be with a guy unless he was driving a nice car...