Guys, am I looking too much into this?

There is a coworker I have begun to like (and before you get going on that I am leaving the job next month!) and I wanted to know if he likes me back.

I have always thought I saw little signs like we always seem to make eye contact, he is really nice to me when he is not so nice to other people, I have been told he gets happy when I am around, he helps me out whenever I need it, ect

The other day I caught him looking at me while he thought I was not paying attention. He was talking with another coworker and when I looked up at him he was looking directly at my face and then he turned away and began looking down and turning red.

The next day everyone said he was in a horrible mood when I came into work and then when I started talking to him he talked to me in a softer "sweet" voice and he was smiling at me. Other coworkers notices and said something.

However, the last time we worked together he basically completely ignored me where he did not orient himself near me and blatantly refused to look at me at all. However, as he was clocking out he took one last look at me out of the corner of his eyes.

Do you think he is embarrassed because he got "caught" staring at me? Do you think a coworker would hide their feelings so that it does not interfere with work? (ps he is a manager and there is a zero frat policy). What should I do? Approach? Wait until I quit? Any advice would help! Thanks!


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  • Quite possibly he is/was embarrassed and has some definite interest in you. He is probably worried about the no frat policy. You are leaving but he is not, and usually they blame the manager for breaking those rules. Does he know you are leaving? You could let him know privately if he does not know yet, and tell him you definitely want him to be part of your life away from work.

    He'll be easy to read then (watch for the blush again).

    Then, since you are leaving anyway, DATE HIM NOW! You might lose him in-between if he does not know the feeling is mutual.

  • I think you've caught a couple of really good signs that he likes you. Just keep talking with him and see where things go!

    • what do you think about him "ignoring" me? Should I just go up to him and talk to him? I just did not think guys would do that to someone they liked is all...

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