What did you think of the Victoria's Secret show last night?

I watched it, since I'm a guy, ha ha and I just wanted to inform everyone that my favorite part (NOT outfit) of the show was when Bruno Mars was singing and one of the angels had a pair of wings on her back. As she turned to walk back towards the backstage area, they slowed the camera down (so that it was in slow motion) and you could just see a tiny bit of light through her wings. It was about the most epic thing I've ever seen (and I don't use the word "epic" all that much, so you know it was special). I know this seems weird of me to look into something that small, but I really liked that part.

All of the angels looked amazing and I watched Hawaii 5-0 the previous night when one of the girls was on it, OMFG


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  • where can I watch this show?;)


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  • I only saw the Justin Bieber and rihanna part and then I went back to watching tosh.o and brickleberry lol

    • Each singer, sung two songs. Which parts did you see?

    • The as long as you love me song and part of the Rihanna song right after that one

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