Has anyone had a part of their hair that just doesn't wash?

This has been happening off and on for quite a few months now. I'll wash my hair but the hair at the crown just doesn't wash well. It feels sticky and looks greasy even though it isn't. I've tried different shampoo's and rinse my hair really well. Not sure what to do now, my hair dresser said maybe I need a better quality shampoo so I bought some, sometimes it works but usually it doesn't. Anyone have any ideas?


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  • Perhaps you need a clarifying shampoo or to do a clarifying rinse?

    A clarifying rinse is probably cheapest and I find it leaves my hair so soft. What you do is buy a bottle of apple cider vinegar(it's $1-$2), find an empty spray bottle(or buy one from Wal-Mart or the drugstore). Fill the spray bottle up with apple cider vinegar and water, half and half, but don't fill up the whole bottle, maybe 2/3 of the bottle though.

    Get in the shower, wet your hair and scalp and spray the apple cider vinegar and water into your scalp and roots. Once you've sprayed it all(you don't have to), massage in the scalp and your roots for 1-2 minutes then rinse.

    You can of course do this after shampooing if you find that your shampoo leaves residue.

    You can repeat if you need to. After that, wash your hair and condition as usual.

    Do this once every 2 weeks or once a month, but not too often.


    For a clarifying shampoo, you can find them anywhere, for virtually any price. You can get a $1.00 clarifying shampoo from V05 or Suave or a higher end one from Joico or Redken. You would use these once a week at max, no more.

    Tip: when you condition, don't put conditioner on your scalp or roots. The point of conditioner is to moisturize the hair and the hair that needs it the most is the oldest(ends), not the new hair(on your scalp).

    • I'll definitely try the clarifying rinse! Thank you!

    • No problem! It helped with my hair, because I had been going through a phase for the past few months were it looked oily/greasy and I had build up.

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  • Can I ask how often you wash your hair?


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  • Try some organic shampoo with tea tree oil. It doesn't smell very great, but it makes your scalp healthier and acts as oil control. The sulfates in regular shampoo not only damage your hair, but they seem into your skin, causing the scalp to react poorly. Sulfate shampoos make my scalp dry and itchy. My brother's scalp overcompensates for the dryness by getting super greasy. Ditch the sulfates altogether.

    When you scalp is healthy, your hair just looks better!

    • ^^Gooood advice. A sulfate free shampoo may be your best bet if it still continue to be a problem

    • I just recently bought a sulfate free shampoo and it hasn't been working either, but I'm using it with head and shoulders because I get terrible dandruff. I'll try using just the sulfate free shampoo and I'll see if that will help both.(that would be awesome) If it doesn't, organic shampoo will be next. Thank you! :)

    • It took me a long time to find the right sulfate free shampoo. My family is really big into "natural" stuff, and my brother and parents buy only organic shampoos, and they said their hair feels much better. The only thing about those, is that they made my hair look flat. Now, I use coconut and egg white shampoo and conditioner by"organix." Just keep trying this out until they work! Good luck!

  • I was going to suggest tea tree! I use Vosene and its for sensitive scalps and reallyyyy helps with greasy hair. Also head and shoulders citrus (specifically for greasy hair) I use the shampoo and conditioner and it makes my hair lovely :)

  • try a deep clean, rinse with a baking soda and water mixture, then rinse with apple cider vinegar.