He keeps looking at me, no talking. now, he started trying to talking to me before he leaves company.

the thing has been happened for 2 months. I started had crush on him, but he did not know. but one day I found out he started looking at me since 2 months ago. and the gaze was like he wanted to eat me up. but I was scared. later on, I started emailing to him and showed my friendness and show my interests too. we had emails back and forth. but he told his friends that I sent him email and this and that. and I was sad and thought he betrayed me. and I sent him email to tell him to show distance. and then he stopped for 2 weeks. and then he stared again without talking. sometimes, when I looked at him accidentally, he turned his head quickly, but when I did not look at him, I found out from my corner of my eyes that he looks at me. and I sometimes look at him for showing my interests, he does not turn his head around but still looks at me( still no talking). Recently, I just knew he has a girlfriend. I was like " what the heck!". but he still looks at me repeatedly. recently, he started trying to have small conversation with me. I was kind of confused.

pls help.


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  • Hes either obsessed with you or crushing on you. Think about it you told him to back off in a email and he probably has a girlfriend now because he trying to make you jealous or simply because you guys did not connect well. My best bet would be that he still likes you secretly and his friends must have influenced him to approach you like that. Why doesn't one of you just stop staring and go talk. You could go to him and ask him what's the issue, or ask him why are you looking at me, its uncomfortable. I am on my friends account.

    • he started talking to me recently because he is leaving to another state and I just knew today, he broke up with his girlfriend 2 days ago when he just started conversation with me. before, he just kept looking at me while he had a girlfriend. I kept ignored him because I knew he had a girlfriend and don't want to involve in their relationship and there are other girls like him as well. but as far as I know, he just looked at me and never approached to me . he talked to other girls, including the ones like him.