Why Won't He Look At Me? I Thought He Was Happy? I'm So Confused?

Yesterday I gave a box of tea to my crush, I went to his room, to retrieve something and then I told him I was cleaning my place and found an extra box of this flavored tea and I would like him to have it. He was really surprised, he's smiling so big as if he couldn't control his facial muscle anymore, and his face turned beet red! He thanked me over and over again at that moment with a beet red face but, he didn't look at me in my face at that moment, as if he's too shy to even look at me. I don't understand why he wouldn't look at me at that moment, because all these while, we had been chatting to each other, locked to each others eyes during conversation which he did it without a doubt. So why he won't look at me last night? Is it possible he's not that into me? I mean I tried to make my interest to him clear in a subtle way (which I hope I did by giving him that box of tea), but his reaction yesterday makes me so confused, I started to even regretted pulling that stunt. :( Probably 'stalker alert' is in his mind now?


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  • blushing, shyness, sounds to me he likes you

    • but if he likes me, why he couldn't look at me in the face and says how much he's loving it? because I felt sort of let down when he didn't want to look in my face at that moment :(

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    • so what should I do now? just wait till he makes his moves? what if he never do it?

    • i'd wait a couple of days to see if his reaction is consistant if he remains shy and doesn't make a move you could always casually bring up the shyness as a kind of a push to see if he makes an attempt to say he likes you, if he goes back to normal he probably really likes tea XD

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