I want to pursue modeling but I am scared tp have makeup artists put makeup on my eyes

should I not pursue it? My mom tried to put mascara on me and I kept blinking and she got some in my eye. She is not a professional. I'm just afraid of this happening again.


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  • Im a makeup artist and if a client blink a lot and and is uncomfortable with the mascara part then I either tell them to close their eyes and do their lashes while their eyes are closed or I let them to their lashes themselves. Cause no matter how skilled the makeup artist is it won't stop the client from blinking cause the eyes are sensitive and the eye are built to blink when things get to close to the eye in an attempt to prevent things for getting into the eye.


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  • Lol

    You're get used to it

    Or you could be famou for being the supermodel who doesn't wear eye makeup

    • Thanks for calling me a supermodel, but I'm way too big to be a supermodel lol

  • Lol!

    Yeah, I think there's a big difference between your mom and professionals. They can do it with your eyes wide open and closed without hurting you. They went to school for this so don't put off your passion out of that small fear. In fact, never put off anything you want to do because of fear of pain. It's usually the most painful experiences that gives us the most happiness at the end.

  • I've had plenty of make up artists work on me. The first few times I blinked and they just had me close my eyes to put it on. After a few times you get use to it and it becomes really easy.

    P.S. No makeup artist is going to put on all of your mascara with your eyes all the way open. if this is how your mom did it, she is doing it wrong.

  • You will eventually get used to it, you could always just put the mascara on yourself also. I found if I look up while they put mascara on me it works better.

    • ^ I know this sounds weird but would getting a MAC "makeover" be good practice? What do you think?

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    • But will the MAC saleslady teach me how to sit so that someone else can put it on me?

    • Yeah they will put makeup on you and say well if you do this or do that you probably won't blink as much

  • If you become a model, and get makeup put on you a few times, you'll get used to it.

    The first time might be a little nerve wracking if it happens again, but it'll get better.