We just keep on staring at each other but can't talk for some awkward reasons?

I like a girl and she likes me too. She looks at me with pleading eyes as if to state that why don't you talk to me, why don't you be alongside me, why don't you just be closer to me...This is what I can comprehend of a little by her look.

I too am very eager to communicate to her & make a strong bond with her. But when she comes in my sight I can do nothing except keep looking at her.

What can possibly be done to start off a better communication relation with her & make her closer to me?

Thanks :)


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  • Just be brave If she is signaling those kinds of looks then she really wants you to make the first move. She may think that just based on the fact that you haven't talked that is she were to make the first move you would reject her. Just follow your gut before someone else snags her away! In the end it will be worth it.


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  • As always, the Nike solution applies. Just do it.

    Start with "Hi, My name is..." and progress from there. If you're right about how she's looking at you she'll respond well.