Why I want a younger woman can any under stand looks has nothing to do with it

There reasons I go for younger women the main reason it I was hurt in the worst way you can hurt a kid. From 6 years old to 8 years old and no one would lift a finger a finger to help when I told what was going on my mother told me to forget about it because nothing was going to be done about it. I was told by my mom that because I was fat and learning problem I was an embarrassment to the family. I had teacher tell me I would never finish high school (I DID) my guidance consoler she told me point blank I was to stupide for college. The list goes on. Look I am not stupide case in point I thought my self to read at 16 using auto repair books in 6 months I have built some of the fastest car to hit the roads, I am awesome cook, I raise bees, I am raising my kids I do have by myself and I am a huge U.S. history buff oh I can build any from nothing I built a still from old pipes and a beer keg I found lying around I should a kid how to build a fishing pole from a good stick a sowing bobbin you nails he caught 5 lbs. largemouth with it.

Reason 2 why want a younger woman again nothing to do with looks I have dreamed of getting married and having a big family. I just want her to be young enough to have a lot of kids

I know most of you will feel this is a joke but it not and yes I am seeing a consoler and it only been about the last 6 month or so that I can even kind of talk about what happened as a kid


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  • well I'm sorry that happend to you but I don't see how the first is a reason for wanting to date a younger woman.

    And the second one well if you mean about 30 with younger, I can see your point. Those women have enough years to have children and you already have some. If you're aiming for early to mid 20 for that reason only, I think that is a bit unreasonable.

    The reason why most people think it's for looks or other selfish reasons is because most older guys that aim for that age group are doing it precisley for those reasons


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  • If I was an old guy I would want a younger woman also.

    I look at young guys and I think they are hot, it has to do with looks.

    Pleading to us on GAG isn't going to change the world.

  • You should be aiming for a woman in her early 30s, late 20s at the youngest. She'll be young enough to have children, yet will be old enough to have life experience to know that's actually what she wants

    A woman younger than about 26/27 isn't gonna want to end her carefree days to play step mom to two other kids (you've previously said you had 2 kids) and then have even more kids on top of that

    Make sure what you expect is realistic

  • I am not going to criticize you, I get it. I only go for younger men myself but I admit a part of it has to do with looks. Not all, definitely not all. Most men my age can't keep up with me. Most men my age don't have the same interests as me. Or they do but just want to talk about it instead of actually travelling and going hiking or biking or anything active at all.

    One thing to remember though is that you better find her quick because men may be able to procreate for much longer than women but several recent studies show that they shouldn't since the older they get the higher percentage of their sperm will have genetic mutations. Look at the how more and more kids are being born autistic. That is caused by men waiting longer to start having kids not women. You are still young enough now but not for long. Better get moving.


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  • You should meet dudeman. He is the self-proclaimed most non-stupid person in the world. Critically acclaimed writer too. You two have excellent spelling skills too.