No girl likes me, feeling pathetic.

I'm 19 , girls hate to look at me because I'm ugly ( not fat ) , I've never had a girlfriend , and suicidal thoughts are starting to hit me , no matter how hard I try to block them out , every girl rejects me based on the fact that I'm ugly ( some of them even told me that , and I'm not going after the good looking ones) . All my friends and their girlfriends make fun of me because I'm pathetic . what should I do ?


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  • They make fun of you... are they even your friends? Makes me wonder how they'd react if they saw this. Maybe they just think it's ball busting... well if you've got a best friend from the group you can confide in about how much you are uncool with their attitudes then that could help.

    Also, try and find new friends might be an idea. I dunno' I think these guys sound like arrogant scum. For real. There are people out there who don't think that that is an okay way to be to their 'friends'.

    But hey, I see some real weird looking guys with girls, even sometimes with hot girls, so y'know to be honest, girls rejecting you are probably just using the "ugly" as an excuse, in many cases, because actually, maybe you have a negative energy, or your poor self esteem is radiating or some such.

    So yeah, maybe the answer is, as absurd and paradoxical as this is, is to be happier. I know it's a stupid answer right. I'm in the same boots... apparently I gotta' be happier but the reason I'm not happy is because I'm lacking what I need to be happy to get! HAHA the absurdity of life! ...yes you ain't alone and dang I, apparently, am handsome. See so that's what I'm saying about that there's something deeper it doesn't boil down to looks. Energy and such, and confidence. In my case it's because I'm socially retarded.

    No suicide though. It's incredibly stupid, selfish and ungrateful. Sometimes I get like "fuc- k it I'm sick of life gosh darn what's the point even being alive, being alive is getting fuc- king tiresome fuc- k I'd be better off dead just fuc- k maybe I should just die" but no no no suicide. If you really think, like what I just said, so much, you could just start doing loads of crazy dangerous things for fun and y'know then maybe you'll get lucky and die right? ha ha sorry for being callous I'm just... well dang I suppose I'm just an idiot. But dang you start doing crazy $hit it might make you happier cos' of the thrill and fun and at the same time you'll be nearly dying - win win. See I'm that crazy, that I've actually thought all this over in my head. I'm terrified of heights though so that cancels out loads of the stuff I could do.

    Oh! You could join the armed forces or have a go at being a fire fighter (I'm seriously considering this myself), or a cop, a SWAT even. Would probably end up improving your life dramatically too and then you'd get to the point when you actually DON'T want to die and then typically enough... that's when you do... well that'd be my luck anyway.

    Again sorry for being so blunt and such but hey I'm just being totally honest right. Oh but let me reiterate - please do not do yourself in. That's wrong on so many levels. Nobody should do that. It's sad is what it is. Nobody should do that.


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  • Being a girl, all I can say is wow, that's horrible. A girl shouldn't like you based on how you look, you were born the way you are and there's nothing you can really do about it. Sure I mean you can try to improve your looks by working out or something like the other guy mentioned but honestly, f*** all those people. It's what's inside that counts. As long as you're a good person, your looks shouldn't matter. All I can say is maybe then improve yourself as a person, personality can drastically change the way people look at you. There was a guy in my high school who was fat and physically unattractive but his confident personality and the way he carried himself made him attractive. The right girl will like you for who you are, not what you look like. Chin up buddy, be confident and embrace your flaws. There's someone out there for you, I promise :) don't lose hope.

    • Man those high school girls.. they would always try to find a guy that looked good so if they had sex ( a few did) they would have good looking kids.. they focused on looks more then anything else, but if you think about it why would the looks matter on a child?

    • i work out , girls don't want to look at me when I say hi, they turn thier head away when I walk by them even if I don't know them. Most guys complain about friend zone, I would love to be there . I'm trying to build up muscle as my last attempt to get one girl intrested in me . if not then I'm done , I don't know what ill do , but I'm done . and if I send you a picture of me , ull see why they all hate me

  • People can be mean and nobody is ugly I mean everyone has their own look and you will find that someone to. I know it hurts when someone says ugly things. Just remember looks are not everything. I bet you have the best personality that's more than looks. Looks are not always real . Personality is. Remember you are who you are and you are better than they are.

    • well I wish people are like you because they all shoo me away before I introduce myself . they don't give me no chance

  • don't value yourself based on what others think of you. Try meditation.

  • Can you get a hooker?


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  • Find something to be successful at. I'm kinda in the same boat man. I just don't care. Girlfriends are not something to base your self worth off of. I know it sounds cliche and all, but it's true. Anything I've tried to start with a broad has always ended in her rejecting me, most of the time in a fairly brutal fashion. You just gotta roll with it. Occupy yourself elsewhere. If you're "friends" are that sh*tty, make some new ones. Do some volunteer work or something. Start hanging out at the coffee shop, and make idle conversation with people. Having close relationships with others really isn't all it's made out to be. Find a job, make some money, do some traveling. Hell, go out to the bar. Yeah, people will talk sh*t about you if you're by yourself all the time but I generally take it as a positive. Impressing everyone and their brother shouldn't be foremost on your mind. Offing yourself over some stupid bitches, is just daft.

  • Don't be pathetic. Find out what you do well that's fun, and get really effing good at it. Then hang around women that like that stuff and rock the confidence angle. Women aren't all that put off by our looks sometimes (God knows why) but a lack of confidence would make Adonis look like a loser.

    Be who you want to be. (not who you think you should be) The rest will sort itself out. Whatever you do, don't f***ing wuss out and off yourself over a temporary lack of p****. Think what that would do to your family.

    Is it the season or is everybody here feeling suicidal the last few days? I keep telling the story about my ex that shot herself and how it made me and her family feel even though she survived.

    Seriously dude. Unless you REALLY flippin' HATE your family, scratch self-murder off your to do list. It's a soul destroyer for anyone that ever cared about you. Take that not giving a f*** and turn it into freedom to be whatever the heck you ever wanted to be.

  • It may be a long hard road out of hell. But the only thing you can try to do is improve yourself. Working out, talking to more girls and getting better at it. Saving up money. Anything you can to make yourself better. I'm 24 and am still a virgin. So I know how much it hurts. But by commiting suicide you''ll never know what could have been. So get that out of your head.

    • Oh yeah dang I forgot about that. The " committing suicide you'll never know what could have been". Dang that's my main argument not to do it. I say to myself "for all I know 20 years from now I been married 15 years with kids, madly in love and a good career"... why then should I even consider to do myself in... because then I'll never know. World is full of folk in their 40s who have an amazing life that when they were younger seemed hopeless at time.

    • Likewise world is full of folk that age whose life seems pretty hopeless and yet when they were younger they seemed to "have it all". I know of one such person who thankfully happens to be a complete and utter scumbag so basically what he's getting is his bad karma.