How do you know if a girl keeps looking at you because she is interested?

I was sitting opposite this girl in the library today at my university and she kept looking at me and when I looked at her she just kept looking back down at her work. I'm not sure whether she was interesed or just looking around.

How can a guy tell if a girl is looking at him because she is interested/finds him attractive or if she is just looking around? How can I tell if a girls breaks the eye contact with me when I look at her because she is shy or she just looks away because she doesn't want me to get the wrong idea?


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  • It depends on how many times she looked at you. I am shy so sometimes I look at a guy and if he catches me looking at him I'l look away but not because I'm not interested.

    • she kept looking at me constantly the whole time. sometimes she would look down when I looked at her and then she would look up againn and then down again and then up again etc

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    • If she was looking at you constantly then I would say that she was interested in you and thought that you were cute.

    • We are al programmed to look at what we find pleasing to the eye. She could just find you attractive. Never assume that someone has a crush on you or wants a relationship with you just because they stare at you a lot. If someone is serious about you they will tell you in good time. I just started a new workplace 10 days ago. There's a guy there that I knew from a previous workplace. We never talked before. But he's been staring at me ever since I started. I know that he has a girlfriend. But I decided to talk to him one day to see if that would stop him from ogling me all the the time. . . it never. Instead, it made it worse. He watched me eating my lunch and gets jealous when I talk to other people. He never makes any effort to initiate a conversation with me. So I just leave him to it. Can't be bothered with guys like him. # Ruled by the balls. Lol

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  • Shes interested.

    Fact 1: Library. The main focus is to study and yet she couldn't keep her eyes off you.

    Fact 2: We don't look at something we don't like.

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