What's up with this guy......do you think he's attention seeking?

So there's this guy that I find attractive in my workplace I look at him a lot and I know he notices cos he looks at me from the corner of his eyes and when he notices that I notice him he looks away. Anyway I decided that maybe he's not interested but he likes the attention. I say this cos he's only looked at me once and hasn't shown any signs that he likes other than looking at me from the corner of his eyes when he passes by.

Today I was walking with my friend and I was talking about my ex when he walked past me I know he was listening to my convo becos at one point I said to my friend that I have been thinking about my ex a lot lately. That's when he turned and looked at me, then carried on walking. That threw me a little cos I didn't expect it. So what do you think is happening here?


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  • honestly it's hard to tell what he wants exactly based on what you've said but it does sound like he has some interest

    • Do you think he might have thought I was talking about him and that is why he turned around?

    • perhaps. or is just interested in hearing about your previous relationships because it might be able to understand more about you. what you like, don't like, or the kind of guy your ex was so he can make sure he is not that way

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