Older guys into younger (LEGAL) girls

I have to say I really do like guys older than me (around 25-40) but I've always wondered how do they really feel about me.. Do they just like me for my looks or my youth or do they like me for me ? Do they think I'm a ditsy little 'slut' ? When older guys look for younger girls why is it ? When I look for older guys its not only because I find them more attractive but because they tend to be more experienced, mature, and easier to talk to ... So do older guys look for younger girls for obvious reasons (looks) or is it something deeper than that ?

  • They just want to perv young girls for looks and other obvious reasons ! duh
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  • Not at all there its definitely a deeper meaning and I'd be happy to explain..
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  • A.They just like "young flesh"

    B. They're not (or less) at ease with women their age, but WHY? Are they less easily impressed and convinced by them?



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  • I am sorry to say but being truthful is always better then just saying whatever. It can come off looking a little naive and hard to take the girl seriously. I mean on a physical and emotional level as well as area of live (depending on the stage both of you are at) it can have entirely different desires.

    - Emotionally, if the guy is older, even 10 years older, especially in his 40's dating an 18 year old then there are few thinks to consider... he thinks you could be easy because you aren't as experienced, it'll be easier to get you to do things to his own desires, to "shape". Maturity wise, the girl will be at a whole other level, he'll generally need to be quite pervy or not that mature himself if he aims for girls that young.

    - Physically this may be the main reason, its "fresh meat" and almost feels like he achieved something by gettign a girl that much younger then him. There isn't generally going to be any further means then this

    - bot hwould be at very different stages of life wanting to do different things... its not that common for them to work out in the long term if both have expectations of what htey want to do. an older guy may want kids far earlier if they do at all, they may have already made their mind up on not having them. they would have finished all their education and settled in what they want to do and how they want to live. the girl would be trying to figure herself out..

    i don't see it being such a good idea when there is such a huge age gap, especially if its long term. plus it'd be so much easier for hte girl to be taken advantage of, id say 5 years difference to 10 max should be the limit

  • Some guys want sex from just about anyone and anywhere they can get it. Younger girls are just one pool they fish from, particularly in college where it's supposed to be easier to get (HA!). Believe men when I say that my hormones are in hyperdrive mode surrounded by all these young hot scantily clad hotties. It's not that I'm a sicko or have no respect for women, I only want what everyone else is getting...and a bit more than most, but that is what I am surrounded by for now. Young, pretty women.

    Think about modern society. You can't watch TV or internet without some sort of display about young pretty women. Our culture puts young women on a pedestal and makes them out as goddesses. It's only natural for everyone (and everything) to desire younger women. Didn't used to be this way, older, married women were the focus in the early days. Maturity and experience does have its benefits over younger men but they still have to meet a woman's requirements. It explains why I don't have younger women: I lack the tall, handsome, wealthy, athletic, etc qualifications that women want. Just how it is.

    Older men look for young women for both: obvious AND something else. It's only a question of how acceptable society or the local neighborhood views it. I'm not sure how the women at my college would think of me banging younger chicks or even dating one of them. Not that I have to worry...

    Hope this helps.

  • does he get to know you or does he just expect sex from you? Most of the pressure seems to be on the younger party who is trying to figure themselves out but it is actually on the party who knows who they are and what they want and waiting to see where the younger party ends up. If you are actually in a relationship. And not just "hanging out". There is a big difference. Youth is always a plus but it may not be the end all be all.just like women look for potential. So do men. And nothing is a bigger turn off than a woman will a room full of baggage form past relationships which is a small risk when dating a younger woman. Or smaller than dating a woman who has "lived life". But think of it this way. you are dating them for a reason and they are dating you for a reason. If those reasons are compatible. Then you can make it work. It is much easier to deal with someone elses insecurity and lack of path when you know yours. But the right mature man will help you find your own and not try to bend you to match his. However tempting it may be.

  • A lot of them are just looking for sex, but there are some who do want more.

    Often the ones who want more just happen to find it in a younger woman, they're not intentionally seeking out a younger woman, that's just who they happen to find it in.

    Tread those waters carefully.

  • I'm that guy, and honestly, it's looks, mainly. And the feeling of having missed out in the past. While everyone else was having fun and getting laid, I was fighting my demons.

    I'm honestly tired of people who had a smooth ride and are now somewhere else in their life (i. e. career, family) looking down on those of us who didn't.

  • I don't think ALL guys are into younger girls, but...

    On the one hand this world is full of Quagmires. You can just hear them thinking "giggity giggity," even when their mouths aren't moving.

    On the other there are men who still have something in them that never grew up and mentally they can handle a younger woman without getting possessive or father like.

    I think overall older men (especially as they get older) see in younger women the idea of "possibility", the idea of a whole life still open and all those mistakes yet to be made and no regrets, someone who isn't yet damaged.

  • Depends on the guy. Some just want to f*** with younger girls cause of youth and whatnot, others really connect deeply with the girl. Hard to say without knowing the guy.

  • I'm the older "foxy grandpa" that is into younger girls. My last serious girlfriend was 25 and I was 32. I also dated a 20 year old when I was 29 (yeah I'm dirty). I currently have a huge crush on a 23 year old. There was a time I felt slightly guilty for this but when I realized many younger women like older guys I decided to care less. I also felt like it was nice delayed pay off for all the dating pain I experienced when I was younger.

    I will be blatantly honest. Yes younger girls are just simply more attractive and older women HATE HATE HATE hearing that... but it's true. The innocent/youthful appearance is extremely sexy. It sucks for girls because age is one thing nobody has control over. We can diet, exercise, take supplements, get microdermabrasion but when it comes down to it... everybody gets older.

    Now for the deeper reasons. Younger girls are usually more energetic, adventurous and fun. They have had less emotional baggage (broken relationships, divorces, kids, etc) and are a little more trusting of men. Older women on other hand get smart in the wrong ways. They pick out male flaws and quirks MUCH quicker than their younger counterparts. They become unnecessarily picky and self sabotage themselves with their own asinine bitterness. Again not all older women are like this... but I've seen it too many times.

    I just get along better with younger women than older women. It's also funny that the only category of people who shame me for dating younger girls are of course older women (because their jealous and depressed about losing their power due to age).


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  • I can't say how they feel about you since I'm not in their shoes and I'm not A) Older and B) A male. So what they're thinking is not what I'm about to tell you. What I can tell you is that I'm the same age as you (18) and that my boyfriend is 27. I have been with almost all older men and have never had a problem with it since I turned 18. Now under 18, that was a different story. I'm not going to say I wasn't with older guys when I was illegal. And I definitely did some illegal things. Like having sex with a guy who was 26 when I was 17. (Not even my fault.) You just have to find that man who is going to be good to you and is mature enough to deal with a relationship with someone our age. Also someone who is patient and willing to cooperate with whatever we may possess. I hear you about the older guys thing, definitely is my preference. 25 and older.

  • same here I've always been into older guys...

  • They're just using you for sex

    Not for long term relationship

    But if you don't mind...

    • Who wouldn't mind ? ...

    • I would say they are at the point where they would be expecting sex. And willing to work with you for the sex rather than playing the high school Drama soap Oprah. And to be honest. If you are looking at older guys you have to be looking for sex too. And I wrong?

    • no not at all the exact opposite from my experience sometime younger guys are really immature and all they want is sex and its always drama with an older man i.would expect him to be more understanding about how I feel about having sex and not throw a tantrum if i.don't want to