Stunned look?

I see this guy around school and he always stares at me. A serious and almost stunned look. I then get confused, like I'm about to smile, but then I just look away. He'll look at me and I'll look away and walk pass and he's still staring at me (even while his friend is talking to him). I can see from my peripherals. He does not smile or initiate any conversation, so I don't know what to think...?


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  • He probably likes you. Maybe he's never seen anything so beautiful?

    • Really, so a stunned look is not bad? Should I just smile or...?

    • Back in high school I liked this girl a lot and I'm a pretty out going guy. Sometimes when she walked up stairs and I was walking down stairs (at school), she'd say "Hi [my name]"...I would just look at her, my brain heard "blah uh kankee" which took a while to translate. My eyes just followed her, as stalkery as that sounds. It took me a few seconds to get a "Hi {her name}" back. I don't know maybe its the caveman instincts he has. Try talking to him. Ask him a question.

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