Do you think in this manner?

So I was talking with my mother the other day and she asked why I've always slept in blue jeans and a shirt and walk around all day wearing shoes. To which I replied, well what if a tornado hits, or some other type of natural disaster pops up, I don't want to be trying to get dressed and die naked I mean c'mon. I wanna be ready already that way there's no time wasters in the way. Wearing socks and shoes keeps my feet from getting dirty and seeing dirty socks just angers me because I like putting my feet up and don't want everything else getting dirty.

It's not like I'm some doomsday prepper who goes about worrying about these things all day. Surely I can't be the only person who thinks this way? Opinions anyone?

I would also like to add that sleeping fully clothed is quite comfortable. Thank you.


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  • I don't think this way at all.. in fact may I add I sleep fully nude most nights so if emergency strikes I'd have a bit of well, a problem, but you know I don't think anyone will be complaining if you know what I mean. But in all seriousness I can understand your logic but I just don't think this is a priority for many people. I also hate dirty socks by the way but as soon as I get home I'm barefoot all the way and walk around like that indoors. I've slept fully clothed before and it wasn't comfortable for me at all.


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  • I can't sleep in clothes- especially jeans, it's just too uncomfortable. If I end up staying over somewhere unexpectedly, I'll either put on work out shorts (I usually have them in my car) or just sleep in my underwear (depending on where I am of course!). But then, being a girl I sleep in pj's most of the time anyway, so if there WAS an emergency, I wouldn't be worried about dying naked- I'd die in my pj's. There are nights when I sleep in the nude, but I do keep a t-shirt adn shorts next to the bed in case I need to go somewhere (take the dog out, run away from a tornado lol).

    As for shoes- I'm a barefoot girl. I only wear socks from about October to April and that's because it's too cold to wear sandals. In the summer- unless I'm working out or playing a sport, my feet are in sandals or nothing at all. I spend like 85% of my free time outside in the summer so I don't worry about my feet getting other stuff dirty. Also- simple solution of washing them before you come in...

  • o.o and I thought that I was paranoid. XD

    lol Crazy!

    anyway, when I was younger I would sleep with my clothes on too and my bed made.. NO covers on me.. the reason was because I didn't want to waste time in the morning to get dressed or do my bed LOL and if my sister would place a cover over me, I would say "you're gonna fold that in the morning!" XD

    Anyway, I don't think about disaster things like you do, only when I'm in the shower... I sometimes think what would I do if there was an earthquake, run out naked? o.0 ... and I only think this because it happened to my cousin.. he was in the shower when there was an earthquake and he came out running with towel halfway falling off, it was too funny. Everyone said they saw his "purple" balls. o.0 idk.. weird LOL


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