Should this girl go to her junior prom?

so this girl had sex with her best friend's boyfriend... and it's less than 3 weeks until her prom. all her friends hate her because she did that and now she doesn't have a prom "group" to go with or have a date. on top of that she transferred to a different school at the beginning of the semester so she technically doesn't even go to the school anymore- BUT she already has her prom dress and shoes and jewelry... so what should she do?

should she go to prom with a date and just forget about her friends hating her and everything?

or should she just not go to prom and wait till next year?


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  • She should do what is best for her and not worry about everyone else. If she wants to go to prom, she should. I went to prom with over half my class hating me for no reason. If it messed up their night, whatever. I had a good time.


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  • If her new school has a prom or something like it then she should go to that instead and also try to make friends there.

    • The new schools has no prom

  • She should do whatever she feels is going to bring the best results. If she thinks she will have a great time at prom regardless of her ex-friends then she should go to that.

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