Do multi-way bras work well?

I was going to buy a multi-way bra to go with some of my dresses but

it is expensive. Are the bra straps easy to fix the way you want it to? I want to adjust the straps so it makes a strapless,racerback, and halter bra. Do each of these bra strap styles work well? Which style do you think works best?


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  • They work well if you get the right size. Most women wear the wrong bra size (in my opinion mainly because they're afraid to go any bigger than a D-cup. I think that in reality the average woman should be wearing something near an F-cup bra but simply doesn't because they think "D-cups are huge! I couldn't possibly be a DD!") with that being said I strongly recommend you fitting yourself before you go get your bra (here's the best guide I have ever seen for bra fitting: link ).

    Especially with strapless bras a tighter band (and bigger cup to compensate for the lost volume) can make a HUGE difference.

    I think that all styles work pretty well when you're in the right bra size (back when I was in a bad size I would only wear my multiway bras in the halter top style).

    The straps are very easy to fix however you want them.

    • I have always had trouble with my strapless bra, having to keep pulling my bra up all night was very annoying. Hopefully this strapless bra works better and the girls stay where they should. :)

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    • With only one strap, does the halter bra give you enough support, I don't wan't my bra strap breaking. :)

    • Mine did, but then again my breasts aren't that big (yeah, my bra size says that they are but in reality they fit my frame very well so to me they look average sized). I have never broken a bra before in my life so maybe I'm not the best person to ask.