What is your daily beauty routine and what is considered "too much"?

I personally wash my face twice daily, follow up with appropriate serums, then work my way through my makeup each morning. I use foundation, powder, blush, and eye makeup almost daily (excluding days I'm home). What do you consider as too much?


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  • Too much is when your beauty routine causes conflicts with your life and being on time for work/school/engagements


    -Take elastics off, brush teeth, Listerine rinse. Put elastics back on

    -Cleanse skin with Purpose or African Black Soap then apply moisturizer

    -Wet hair, apply extra virgin coconut oil, detangle and put mousse

    -Put Cetaphil moisturizer on my body

    -Fill in eyebrows(an absolute must for me). If I have time left, I'll apply foundation, gel eyeliner on the top lid and mascara

    This would all take me less than 20 minutes...The thing that takes the most time is the wetting my hair because I don't get in the shower, I lean over and wet it with water while it's in a bun.


    -Take elastics off. Rinse mouth a few times. Floss. Take proxy brush and clean between brackets. Brush. Use Listerine or ACT Fluoride rinse. Put elastics back on

    -Cleanse skin with Purpose or Black African Soap and my Clarisonic(sometimes).

    -Shower. Either wash my hair and deep condition or co-wash it.

    -Put my epiduo on or use my Cetaphil Moisturizing cream or Snail Extract Cream

    -Oil my hair with extra virgin coconut oil or amla oil. Detangle and put in a bun.

    -Moisturize skin with Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

    My beauty routine typically includes cleansing, moisturizing or using my acne treatment. Lately I had been layering with serums, softeners and moisturizers but I stopped

    • It takes me 20-25 minutes every morning to do my business in the bathroom and slap my makeup on (brows are a must for me too!). I just bought a clarisonic to help with additional makeup removal after I wash by hand. Its amazing!

    • That doesn't sound like too much. Thank you :)

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  • I don't like foundation


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  • i don't think so. I wash my face and then I apply the foundation, if I l'oreals foundation cause it gets too greasy if I have a face cream underneath, if I have any of my other brands then I apply face cream before the foundation. I then have a little browning powder, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick.

    And when its time for bed I remove the eye makeup with jojoba oil remove the rest of the makeup with makeup wipes and then I wash my face with either daily facial scrub or just a facial wash without peeling effect and then I use facial toner and a facial cream and if I remember I also put on eye cream, not the anti aging kind though

    • Sounds like you have good skin! If you're oily, Revlons Colorstay foundation for oily/combo skin is great!

    • my skin is normal:) but l'oreal's illumi foundation has like twice as much water as any other foundation witch makes it hard to work with and its not the best but it looks bad on if there is a facial cream underneath. But thanks for the tip :)

  • I'm not much for daily make up but I do have a great routine. Baking powder and water or a honey and sugar scrub first thing in the morning. I follow this with a good moisturizer with spf in it. I tend to carry facial cleansing cloths with me where ever because I hate to feel dirty and on a hot day they cool you off. then make sure you wash your face before sleep and a good serum. If your over 25 start with anti wrinkle serums at night. and I do a weekly peel and every other day I do a mask of some sort. One of my favorite site to go shopping for ingredients and great beauty tips is gardenofwisdom.com of course go on your tube and you'll find all sort of stuff from makeup, body and hair treatments. So don't go over board o makeup from your picture your a very beautiful woman I'm sure you don't need it.

  • I wash my face twice a day, and apply some acne cream once in a while ^^

    As for make-up, most of the time I don't wear any.

    If I had to put something, it would be eye makeup (mascara + pencil) and a lip balm. I really don't like feeling any kind of cream on my face all day long, which rules out foundation, powder and so on... Besides I don't think I need it anyway :)

    Anything else is too much for me, simply because I'm not resilient enough to follow the routine everyday :)

  • -Exfoliate facial scrub (I use a gentle scrub daily and twice a week I use a more harsher one like St. Ives apricot scrub)

    -Facial mask (I use korean brand masks)

    -Rinse off mask (or peel if it is the peely kind)

    -Apply oil-free facial moisturizer (I use Clean and Clear brand)

    -Style hair

    -Apply mascara

    -Apply concealer and set it with translucent powder if I feel like it (usually I don't)

    -Apply lip balm or a pinky lip gloss if I want a little color

  • too much depends on the person it just means it's inconvenient and takes hours a day I guess.

    i wash my face twice a day

    moisturize once a day, acne cream twice a day,

    makeup every day

  • God that sounds like a lot of work. I'm lucky if I even remember to wash my face. I am terrible at being a girl.

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