Is there a way to know which girls are going to let themselves go when they get married?

It seems that some women feel there is not a large reason to stay in shape and take care of their looks once they get married.

They have already found the man of their dreams who love them. So there is no reason to keep trying so hard to look good right? Wrong!

At least that is my opinion.

I know other things get in the way, like children or a career, but it seems like some women put in no effort to stay looking good for their man once they have tied the knot.

So, what are some signs of girls that are gonna get a lot bigger, less hair cared for and less shaven and what not? lol


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  • Look at their moms. That is a decent indicator, though like everything, there are exceptions.

    • I once left a girl because things were not perfect and I was not sure about the future. She was really hot with a slamming body, around 21 to 22 is when I dated her. Her mom is morbidly obese though. People said I was a jerk for leaving her and assuming she would get fat even though she was hot.

      She is almost obese now.

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  • I don't think you can, unless you can predict the future.

  • I feel the same way about my future husband. Seems like they all get lazy and fat with a nasty beer gut and dirty clothes. Guys care even less about how they look than girls at the start, so imagine how scary it is for US when we get married. Guys totally let themselves go.


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  • Her husband doesn't earn much.

    Go look at the demographics around weight and family income.

    • what if the husband is fit himself?

      Or does that not matter to them as much?

      Show me the money?!?!


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    • Objectives. We examined the association of relative weight with individual income at different levels of socioeconomic status among gainfully employed Finnish women and men.

      Methods. We used a population-based survey including 2068 women and 2314 men with linked income data from a taxation register. Regression analysis was used to calculate mean income levels within educational and occupational groups.

      Results. Compared with their normal-weight counterparts, obese women with higher education o

    • Just copy and pasting that abstract didn't work.


      just read the abstract. This was in Finland, and only studied employed men and women.