What does it mean when a girl says you're cute?

I'm just wondering this. Is it like in adorable, or childish, like innocent, etc? Or is it like an older sister would act around her younger brother(would really know, only younger brothers...)

Does it mean anything more than being "cute" or are girls trying to say they like a certain attribute about you?


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  • it means we think you're hot/goodlooking/attractive/yummy ;] and you're simply a boy and girls love boys =D theyre magical.

    no it doesn't mean ur innocent and childish, if I wanted to tell a 'little brother' he's innocent or practical, id use the word adoreable, or kid as I speak to him, probably even tell him to grow up...

    but cute 99.9% of the time refers to a boy/guy/man being hot. and when I tell a guy he's cute, it means I want him. like NOW.

    • "yummy" Hehe, nice choice of words.

      Is it more of boy band cute, or charming, or strong, or all of the above?

    • All of the above

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  • Cute guys are attractive but they also have substance to them. They are generally also smart and funny and charming. Or a guy could be cute just because there is something special about him that attracts us. Either way being called cute is a good thing. It doesn't mean a girl thinks you are little kid adorable, it means something about you is attractive to the girl. A lot of girls won't call a guy hot because we don't want to give him an ego and make him cocky.

  • When I say a guy is cute, it means he's

    gotta certain something about his looks

    that I like.

    I don't equate words like

    adorable with it because they don't mean the same.

    Adorable/childish/innocent are all the same.

    But cute is different. It does mean a girl finds

    u attractive. I guess cute can mean that you have a

    certain boyish charm about u..

  • really depends on how it is said and who is saying it. if she is older and says it in a funny voice that's kid cute. if she says it in a tone that's sound like wow! (sounds impressed) she thinks your a hottie

  • To me at least, it means you're cute in the like omg hot way! Not like a baby xD Because I'm extremely shy and instead of being like OH MY GOSH YOU'RE HOT! I'll say you're cute/handsome :)


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