Guys, what do you find attractive in a woman?

I have always found myself to be really attractive. People have told me that I am very pretty and a few guy friends have asked me if I was ever interested. From what I have heard from other people is that I have fair skin, medium-sized breasts, curvy figure, Very attractive face, and that I am 5'3 in height. My friend has been told that she is sexy, hot, beautiful, gorgeous by guys and girls. She is tan, huge breasts, tall, flat butt, figure is not as curvy, and a pretty face but not exceptionally pretty. What in your opinion would you prefer?


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  • I think I like a good personality, and figure about 50/50

    An attractive body for me is this...

    Long dark curly hair, a curvy figure, medium breasts(Double B, or regular C), I guess a butt, but not a huge butt. A nice smile...not teeth wise, I mean she smiles often. I guess the eyes depend on the hair, and skin color. In a hred head I like hazel eyes, or blue eyes. In dark hair I like light brown, or dark brown eyes. Nice lips. Not a lot of lipstick, more like lip gloss.

    A little color to your skin. Don't want to look like a corpse. But not overly tan like those people that tan 5 days a week in a tanning salon. It looks fake to me. But a natural deep tan color skin is also good(Indian, Asian, Hispanic) colored skin.

    so yeah, I think I would like you better. Don't tell your friend :P

  • I like a girl that takes care of herself physically. I like a girl that smiles and likes to have a good time. A girl that dresses slutty might draw attention, but it wouldn't make me think of her as girlfriend material. As far as size of boobs and butts, that's changes from guy to guy. But instead of worrying about those, work on your personality, and take care of your body. Don't worry about the little things that aren't important like boob size.


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