Which hair color looks better?

Okay so truthful I don't want to hear natural I just want to hear which one looks better.

My hair is pretty much Identical to this when just washed... link

and looks like this when flat ironed... link but a little fuller

the flat side of this girls hair... your right link

The question is which one looks better.

GAG confuses me...guys say curly but "out here" it's straight...I usually always wear my hair natural and curly but when I straighten it I get at least 15 compliments a day,a and they say how much they love it and never comment on my curly hair...

I am wondering because I am going out and want to look presentable.

Title is not exactly correct... Scratch "I get"


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  • The brown hair color looks better.I don't compliments unless my hair is straight either but I look good either way.


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  • They notice it because it's different than usual. That's all. I'm sure it looks great either way. :)