Do you look down on someone who is poor and is on a substinence program, e.g. foodstamps or Medicaid?

Would you think less of a man or woman who has to live in part off a social welfare program?


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  • No. We all fall on hard times every once in a while, but I'd like to see that person strive to better their situation.


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  • nope because I am no better than them for not being on it. everyone has the possibility to go through some rough times and NOTHING is ever guaranteed not even a career so anything is possible

  • I'll admit, when I'm at the store and I see ghetto blacks & Latinos or white trash with a bunch of kids, yet they all pull out their iphones, have designer crap or new cars, I look down on them. I think they're absolute filth who don't deserve any type of assistance

    I've also come to dislike my ortho because they accept CHIPS or whatever and the people there are all non-English speaking(illegals) who bring their whole families, let their children run wild and act like morons.

    Mind you, I'm not white so I don't say any of this out of racism.

    I do to some extent, but I don't walk around condemning them verbally or saying nasty things. I have a friend who worked at Wal-Mart and she did make a nasty comment at a woman with food stamps who bought nothing but cokes and chips. The customer complained and the manager pretended to get onto the girl but thought the comment was funny

    • I agree with you wholly, but do you also see that some people try their hardest to provide for their families, and some illegals actually do try to integrate? I'm just saying they're not all like that, though disappointingly many are.

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    • you don't have to be white to be an a**hole, or racist. you qualify in both departments.

    • blahblahblah spew your liberal nonsense elsewhere

  • okay so I'm going to round this out

    Oregon state's population is 3 Million

    Washington State's population is 6 Million

    ID one Million

    MO one Million

    Wyoming one Million

    NY STATE has 20 Million

    If we add all of these 6 states up we get 32 million people

    There are 46 million people on foodstamps

    Isn't this wild?

    And people make jokes about the fiscal cliff.

    • Let's think at a different approach. $52 billion dollars a year for welfare, $92 for corporate bailouts, $900 billion on the army.

  • There are so many people on foodstamps in the area where I live that it's considered normal.

    I use food stamps and go to the foodbank regularly. (I did not grow up on welfare)

    46.7 million people in June of 2012 were using foodstamps

    The rate of use has gone up since 2011

    It looks like the number has steadily been going up even though the initial shock of the recession is over.

    Spending (the cost of running the program) on Foodstamps has doubled since 2008. YES it is WAY out of control but the foodstamp program is NOT the problem it's only a symptom of a country whose economy is collapsing.

    America is in bad shape economically and industrial we have been screwing ourselves over instead of building up our industry we have shipped it all overseas.

    By providing foodstamp benefits to people the USA government is pushing down what is basically rioting. Because if too many people are going hungry there will be civil unrest.

    • Before I WAS on foodstamps myself...I would get annoyed that I had to work so hard at a full time job and I still had to budget tight and I saw people getting food for free.

      Now that I have to use foodstamps because I don't have a stable job I'm glad that I have food to eat but I'm very worried about the overall sustainability of our whole country...I mean everything.

      Social Security...National Debt...all of's really a big mess.

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    • I agree, our economy is more focused on world hegemony than it's people and it's far over-extended and inflated.

    • Okay, so I started thinking about your question and now I'm trying to conceptualize in my head how much is 46 million people. I hope I get this straight.

      New York city only has something like 8 Million people (correct me if I'm wrong)

      So it would take between 5-6 New York Cities to represent the number of people who are on food stamps.

      If I divide 46.7 by 8 that equals 5.8 New York size cities

  • Hell no I wouldn't. I know people who do, and their situations are so terrible I can't even imagine.

    Plus I've been thinking about it a lot lately because it's what my mom and I would have to do for a while if my dad left. I would have to quit school and work a sh*t job. It would be that easy for everything to change.

    • To clarify, "I know people who do use welfare programs"

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    • :)

      I think it makes all the difference to simply know some people who are struggling. People who haven't been exposed to that mostly just have stereotypes to base their opinions on, and once you have a belief, you only seek evidence that will confirm it.

    • It makes a world of difference, it is only through the being caring and knowing that we can help the world

  • No, but I do get irritated when I know people who get government aid and they can afford things that I can't, when I have a job that required a college degree.


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  • I believe the only ones who should have out of work welfare benefits are those who are either too ill to work or severely disabled.

    Unemployment benefits, I believe you should only get it if you lost your job through no fault of your own and the maximum you should be allowed on it should not be any more than 6 months or perhaps 12 months in situations where economic situation is challenging.

    Other types of benefits for the low income, other than some grants for education and training I think all of it should be put to a stop as it's been growing far too fast in recent years and it's breeding a free-loading culture that the country can ill-afford.

    Do I look down on those who are poor? No. Do I look down on those who are poor but choose not to do anything about it but instead choose to freeload onto those who do work... these scumbags deserve to be looked down upon.

    My late grandmother arrived in US from Germany in 1955, she arrived with near nothing other than a fairly decent education and very strict 3rd Reich era type discipline. In 10 years she was already a teacher and owned her home (to which the mortgage was paid off 11 years early) and she also drove a car that she bought outright, she survived without any welfare and died a very happy woman.

    I left home at 16 from a rotten and abusive household, I had $400 on me at the time when I left. I went on to college and qualified as an engineer, today I make decent money on my own and while at one time I was poor, I never once resorted to any type of state aid even when I went to college other than the "Work-Study Program" I just fail to see if I could do it why anyone else couldn't do it especially considering as vast majority of the welfare scroungers are able bodied and healthy adults that should be working rather than asking Uncle Sam for foodstamps.

    Oh and I'm no republican, I'm apolitical as I don't feel that either of the 2 main parties support my political leanings and I don't support any of the fringe parties either as those are simply a waste of time, but one thing for sure I don't support the way the current handout system is working as it simply relieves the symptoms rather than addresses the cause that puts someone in a state that they require welfare.

    I don't believe the economy is solely to blame for the lack of jobs, today Asians make up 5.5% of the population in US, but they only comprise 0.3% of all out-of-work welfare recipients. There must be a reason for this statistic.

  • No.

    People have difficulties in their life & occasionally need assistance. It's not like you're 30 & have been for 15 yrs.

    Unless there's a medical condition that prevents them from working.

    • Unless you were born in a gang-infested neighborhood accorded an inner-city school that can't even attempt to provide an adequate education. Not everybody has a chance to be a millionaire, not everybody even has a chance to make 30,000 a year. The poor in our country exist because the rich in our country season their lobster with shaves gold and pay their workers less than $20,000 a year.

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    • Oh I have the advantage of being adopted in a state that (used to anyways) provides free college so I got my degree and I do fine, but I do do my best to help the poor too. I'm right now simply trying to spread consciousness of the poor.

    • I'm glad you are doing your best to help the poor & that you are doing fine.

      I don't know if people from upper middle class areas will ever understand. They haven't seen this 1st hand. Their public schools are usually good to excellent.

  • I only have a problem with people who are lazy while on it, or abuse it for things it wasn't intended.

    • But those who are truly disenfranchised and honestly cannot provide alone working 60 hours a week to obtain maybe $25,000 a year if they're lucky, those do commend your respect?

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    • That's all I'm confirming, the world thanks you for your care.

    • No problem. I just hate lazy free-loading people. Americans who have the desire and drive to work, and can work within their disability, yet need extra assistance- I am all for helping. I am just not interested in shelling out money to people who come to America to milk the system.