How would you feel about her now? Please look at the details!!

If there was a girl that you've met before but never noticed and you see her in a different light, like the mysteriousness of a masked dance, how would you feel about her now?


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  • Looks a bit like my story...

    I met a guy few years ago, but he was just a friend for me, nothing really special.

    I met him again few months ago, we knew we saw the other one before, but we couldn't remember anything about the other. We started talking, and few days later we fell in love.

    I really love him, and he loves me.

    First there was nothing special between us, but now its just so amazing.

    He lives in Australia, and I'm from The Netherlands, so he doesn't want to date me because of the distance, but when I see his face when we are videochatting, I'm happy that I met him again.

    So if you see someone, lots of things can happen. Don't be sad if people don't see you right away, there are lots of other people out there that might see you. =)

    From CuteDragon


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  • Ummm...bewildered?


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