Seattle Washington average number of earthquakes that happen regularily?

I know that the fault across Seattle is more deadly then the San Andreas fault, but with as much research I look up online, I can't seem to find much about Seattle earthquakes.

Do you guys get smaller ones that help prevent the larger ones?

I know it is like that in California. When I look up earthquake maps, California gets what seems like dozens more then Washington.

I remember being in Washington over 10 years ago with a 3.6 earthquake. But I was too young to remember much.

I also know that you guys are supposed to get the big one, but would Seattle be better off then say a location like San Francisco when they get the big one?

How big are the earthquakes usually?


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  • I only had one earthquake there and that was like fourteen years ago. I just visited San Francisco yesterday and today. I think each city would have the same difficulty. Seattle seed to have taller buildings which would be bad.


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  • Both cities are equally safe or dangerous. Seattle and San-Francisco are build on a type of substrate that amplifies an earthquake's shock waves.