Is she trying to hit on me?

I have been having language private classes with a female teacher for almost a year, and until now she hasn't done anything I felt wrong, she has only hugged me and being very affective. However, I am starting to get worried because of what happened yesterday:

Just when the class finished, she wanted 10 minutes with me to talk of some personal matters about my appearance.

First, she started to tell me that I should look more feminine because the way I am dressing makes me look neither male nor female, it was implied that she wanted me to look more womanly.

Second, she told me that I should shave my legs, that it is shameful that if I have to go swimming, everyone can see my legs too hairy.

I gave her my reasons, that I really care of myself and that I feel alright with how I am, but it seems that she didn't care about listening me, I told her about how someone else, a drunk lady, told me almost the same in a harsh way, but she only though that that was the cause about why I don't "care of myself".

In the end I had to thank her of the advice (I don't think in utterly following it). However, I had a feeling that she wants me to transform in something she likes, something that is not me, and her approaching when she was giving her points was somehow uncommodating.

Does she want to hit on me?, if so then that's weird because she is already married.

Even though she has an interest in me or not, I am going to quit her private classes because I didn't like her critic about me, I have talked with other people whom I dealed with daily, and they told me that my appearance is fine.

Also she remarked that I should look pretty and more feminim because of my younger age. Right now I am 27 while she is 41 years old.


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  • what the crap! she sounds more like a mom rather than hitting on you, but that is jst really frikn weird that she would say that to you.