What are the best looks with a button-down shirt from AE/Hollister/A&F?

If I'm wearing jeans, what should I wear under a button-down such as these?

Just a solid t-shirt, or maybe a graphic T like in the A&F "classic look" link?

And is it better to fold up the sleeves of the button-down to near the elbow? I always see advertisements and pictures of them folded up, almost never worn all the way down. Then again, I"m a small guy, 5'5" and 150lbs, and I don't have big arms; I thought maybe only guys with bigger arms did that.

I just don't have very good fashion sense, and I want to make sure I look stylish for the ladies : )


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  • obviously just wear whatever you like best, but a graphic tee layered under a button-down is a classic, fresh look for guys. rolling up the sleeves makes it look more easygoing, like you're not trying to hard...i suggest it, personally.

    i don't know what your button down looks like...but you really can't go wrong with stuff from american eagle, its like buying good fashion sense.

    good luck!

  • keep it as relaxed-looking as possible. You always wanna make it look effortless. Fold the sleeves and go for a graphic tee. It's more believable and gives you character when there's more than just a blank t-shirt behind the buttons.


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