Girls how do you feel about a guy that doesn't want to be looked up to from you?

I think I want a girl that can stand on her own feet for the most part ( though sometimes people need a little help which is ok). I dislike being a "controlling" or "head" guy.

Girls how do you feel about that? Is that detrimental to my relationships?


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  • I can stand on my own two feet, but I am more attracted to dominant men so I'd be less attracted to a guy who wasn't that way.I'd be more likely to see him as a friend

    • Just curious why? And my second question is what work is there for the you if the guy is dominant ? I'm not trying to be rude just trying to understand what girls do and how they contribute. Maybe if I understood then I would be more successful at relationships

  • There is a difference between a girl who can stand on her own feet and a girl who likes the guy to take the reigns in a relationship. I am really independent and can stand on my own feet but I prefer when a guy takes the lead in a relationship. Being able to stand on your own feet is about capability and liking someone who takes the lead is about preference not capability.

    • Do you have any insight or advice? Do you view the opposite as negative in your eyes?

    • serious question.. if the guy takes the reigns, what work is there for you? I'm trying to understand girl's roles better

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